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Freshfields Risk & Compliance

| 1 minute read

Freshfields new Antitrust 101 app helps clients manage dawn raids and antitrust compliance

In an increasingly regulated world, competition authorities are among the most active enforcers. They have the power to launch disruptive dawn raids - and regulators in different countries are working closer together across borders to catch and counter anticompetitive conduct. Cartel investigations often have serious consequences, including heavy financial penalties, criminal sanctions, reputational damage and costly damages actions.

Our clients can now access the firm’s first client facing app to help them remain compliant with antitrust regulation and support them in the event of a crisis situation, such as a dawn raid. The app, developed by Freshfields, showcases a range of features, including concise guides and interactive tests to help clients refresh their knowledge and prepare for potentially risky situations. It also provides a way for them to quickly access our antitrust team.

Called ‘Antitrust 101’, the app part of the firm’s commitment to develop new, innovative ways to help our clients.

Accessible via mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers, the Antitrust 101 app is available to download for free on Google Play/The App Store.  Find out more about the app by watching the animated film below. 

ACT partner Thomas Janssens said: “Antitrust 101 gives our clients and their employees new channels of communication about antitrust compliance, access to our knowledge and an easy way to reach us wherever they are and whenever they need us.”

ACT partner Andreas von Bonin said: “Antitrust 101 is a great development for the firm and its ambition to be at the forefront of innovation. We need to emphasise our understanding of and engagement with digitalisation and technology in discussions with our clients, and we are confident that this app will play an important role in helping us to do that.”

The app is available to our clients on Google Play/The App Store. To access it, copy and paste: 


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