We are pleased to present the first entry in a new blog series with updates on legal developments in Ukraine, which have arisen since the beginning of this year and against the backdrop of the ongoing conflict. 

The individual entries have been composed by a group of talented secondees from Ukraine that have recently joined Freshfields from our StrongerTogether network of relationship law firms and beyond. 

We are indeed fortunate to have Ukrainian associates, research assistants and interns in our offices in Vienna, Frankfurt, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Paris to team up with local practice groups and provide support to our clients on a wide range of topics from supply chain issues to investment, trade and productivity as well as how martial law is affecting the nation. 

This new Ukrainian blog series covers all subject matters from anti-trust, IP, IT, corporate, tax and dispute resolution to the financial sector in order to help you understand the latest developments in this important, and constantly changing jurisdiction. We have a close eye on this space and look forward to providing further updates as the situation evolves.

Blog posts in this series: